Intimate hygiene is essential in preventing infections and having healthy sexual activity. It is particularly important during stages of life such as the menopause and postpartum period.

Characteristics of the vaginal ecosystem

Every woman’s body is unique and so too is the vulvovaginal area. It has a specific ecosystem made up of innate defence mechanisms which work together to keep the female genital tract healthy. These are the skin, secretions, acidic pH and vaginal flora, which are largely managed by the endocrine system and immune system.

Maintaining vaginal balance is essential for keeping the area healthy, as it maintains the acidic pH and is a defence mechanism against pathogens. Lactobacilli, the most abundant bacteria genus, are those that produce lactic acid, thereby ensuring that the pH is acidic and provides natural protection to the area.

Factors which alter the vaginal ecosystem’s balance

Unfortunately, there are various factors which can alter this vaginal balance. Internal factors include age, hormone changes (menarche, menstruation and pregnancy) and infections. External factors include sexual intercourse, wearing tight clothing, taking antibiotics, hormone replacement therapy and hygiene practices (contaminant). Its alteration can lead to skin disorders, urinary-tract infections and vaginal bacterial or yeast infections. The most common signs and symptoms are itching, burning, pain and unusual discharge, which leads to sleep disturbances and a reduction in quality of life.

Neftis Laboratorios intimate hygiene kit

Taking into account all of this information, it is clear that Spanish women should be more aware of their intimate hygiene and should use suitable products which care for their pH and vaginal flora, in line with their physiology and stage of life.

To this end, with the aim of giving the female intimate area the attention it deserves, here at Neftis Laboratorios we have created for the brands an intimate care kit made up of a cleansing gel, a moisturising cream and a rejuvenating peel.

We offer to our customers the development of the entire production process of a cosmetic product and Medical Device, from the initial idea proposal, to obtaining the finished product. Also, in the case of the intimate hygiene kit.

What does the kit include?

Peeling: Instructions for use

Apply once per week. Carefully clean the area to be treated. Apply Intimate Peel. After 3-5 minutes, remove and rinse with plenty of water, then dry the area thoroughly. We recommend using it in combination with our CLEANSING GEL and INTIMATE CREAM.


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