Despite the frantic rhythm of life in the 21st century, it’s amazing the amount of time that we dedicate to body care. A healthy life with small doses of moderate exercise and a healthy and balanced diet are the key to being healthy, but our skin also needs care to be well protected, moisturised and nourished.

In Neftis Laboratorios we work hard to meet user needs, which are more experienced and sophisticated day by day.

A daily beauty ritual

Although we are aware that the constancy in the treatment it’s a critical factor to obtain maximum effectiveness from the treatment, only few users are able to comply with it. Numerous studies attribute this failure to the lack of sensoriality of the products: appearance, texture (touch, softness, unctuosity), smell, absorption and sensation left on the skin.

A study by Rockefeller University in New York states that humans remember 1% of what they touch, 5% of what they see, and 35% of what they smell.

Development of sensoriality for visible results

Stimulation of the senses has a vital importance in the constancy of the treatment for the user in their daily beauty ritual.


Your success is our goal

In Neftis Laboratorios, we encourage you to personalize your product with the perfect combination of the latest active ingredients with its optimal sensory aspects, key to ensure the treatment’s success.


We are specialized in the manufacture of topic ampoules, formulation of chemical peelings, hyaluronic acid, freeze-dried cocktails and mesotherapy. In Neftis you have your ideal partner. Contact us!

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