We’ve been thinking about it for a while.

How could we offer the best of ourselves to people who needed it? And in the end, we found the best way. We would produce a solidarity cosmetic line.

We had the idea, we would start the production, but who would need it? The Fundació Banc de Recursos gave us the answer. They managed the offer of our shower gel with the social entities and the subsequent collection with great enthusiasm.

The day was very special. The 10 social entities collected in Neftis the 4,451 units of gel that we had produced. These organizations were: Arrels Fundació, Centre Català de Solidaritat, Fundació Ànima, Fundació Congost Autisme, Fundació Estimia, MALLA – Associació Catalana Tutelar de persones amb discapacitat psíquica, Obinso – Obra d’integració social, Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu, Residència La Pau i Senior Centre Residència.

We are very happy to have joined the initiative of El Pont Solidari of the Fundació Banc de Recursos, which unites donor entities with entities and people.

The objective is to continue contributing quarterly with our solidarity cosmetic line.

Because in the end… Isn’t that what it’s all about? Being able to add up in any field?