In May our sales team traveled to China to participate in the China Beauty Expo, where we had a Neftis corner to show our product catalog. During these days we were able to hold B2B meetings with companies in the country. In addition to participating in the Fair, we visited the Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou to learn about the success of eCommerce in China.

After the Expo we visited the China Beauteville in the north of Zhejiang province. This is the area with the highest industrial agglomeration of the beauty sector in China, and it has many advantages for companies that want to open a filial in the country, or that wish to maintain business relationships in the beauty sector.

Finally, we were also able to visit the headquarters of the Proya group, one of the two largest cosmetics groups in China (1,300 million euros in turnover). The president and the general director of the company explained to us the keys of the market, the main regulatory aspects and the opportunities for the associated cosmetic brands and other companies in the value chain.

It was a very positive commercial expedition for Neftis Laboratorios, which allowed us to present our own project in China.