At Neftis Labatories, we enjoy taking on challenges, and we have managed to formulate photo-reparation which satisfies the consumer’s necessities, helping them to fulfill their expectations of usage, and moreover, insuring our clients be prominent from the ulterior competition. Amongst other things, we put forward a formula containing three key factors; hydration, protection and reparation.

It involves a light textured, extra-fluid emulsion, easy to apply and quick to be absorbed. Its non greasy texture embellishes the skin, whilst providing it with a brightening, radiant effect.

It contains a combination of wide spectrum filters which shield against the UVA and UVB rays. We have two types available: one which contains an SPF (factor of sun protection) of 40, 9 and another with an SPF of 80,8. The choice made will depend on the level of protection required. Combining photo-protection and photo-reparation helps not only to protect your skin from external aggressors caused by solar radiation, but also the reparation and protection of the DNA. All considered, it offers the best anti-ageing effect with the most highly developed strategy.

In present day, a good photo-protector should not only protect the skin to keep it healthy-looking, but also overturn sun damage, improving one’s appearance, and tackle photo-ageing in this way.

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