This 2018 Neftis Laboratories has had a great year of changes. The incorporation of more than 1,000 m2 to the existing production plant has meant a substantial increase in the service capacity of this company in clear expansion.

Born in 2005 and specialized in the Contract Manufacturing of cosmetic products and Medical Device, it has achieved great recognition in the market and solid services and activities that nowadays forms a team of more than 70 people.

The reform carried out has not only been limited to the incorporation of useful surfaces for manufacturing in clean rooms and controlled air, storage and services, but it has been extended to the investment in new primary and secondary conditioning machinery that will allow Neftis to attend the high demand of growth both nationally and internationally.

A robotized raw material warehouse, two high-capacity blister packers or machines for the blister packaging, cartoning and wrapping of the products are a clear example of the commitment made to face future challenges.

One of the main product lines is currently the topical cosmetic ampoules, which are in great demand in the international market, and more specifically the Oriental market.

With an eye on upcoming international fairs in Madrid, Paris, Bologna and Dubai, Neftis hopes to share this success with all its current and future customers.