From 9 to 11 October, the team formed by Esperança Figuerola (R&D Director), Ignacio Laguna (commercial director), Agnieszka Wozniak (Customer service) and Marc Xalabarder (Technical Director), atended at CPHi Worldwide, the largest global event of the pharmaceutical industry that took place in Madrid.

The product that rised great interest among the visitors was our range of topical ampoules: single dose with a high concentration of active agents, with an instantant effect on the skin. For this line we offer a range of formulas to satisfy the different skin’s needs and the demands of the user. Its high concentration and combination of active agents together with the opening and easy-to-use dosing devices make these topical ampoules the center of the daily ritual of beauty.

The balance of the fair has been very positive and look forward to the next edition in Frankfurt!