One more year all Neftis’ team enjoyed a much-awaited day throughout the year for the entire team, the third Neftis Children’s Day.

With the start of the school holidays, the yongest ones shared a nice day in their parent’s workplace.

We started the day with a rich and healthy breakfast to gather strength for a day full of activities. After that, in a visit to the brand new facilities, children made different activities and surprises that each department previously prepared with great enthusiasm.

Later on the R & D team held a workshop to create personalized effervescent bath bombs, stimulating children’s creativity and imagination.

During the visit, children learned about the entire production flow, from the gelification of a gel, followed by the packaging in colored ampoules and vials that they personally choosed.

All these activities were followed by water games, workshops and activities shared by both children and adults.

A meal with all the participants, closed an intense day of emotions and activities, that we hope to repeat next year.