Upcoming launch: Skin ampoules

//Upcoming launch: Skin ampoules

Upcoming launch: Skin ampoules

Skin ampoules are exploding as a clear market trend. Single-dose with a high concentration of active agents, they work an instant effect on the skin. At Neftis Laboratorios we are excited about anticipating the boom by offering our customers a wide range of these future beauty essentials.

Stress, eating habits, tiredness, sleep disruption and even pollution are factors causing cell damage, the main trigger for skin disorders and ageing, at any age. In view of this and in order to combat the consequences of today’s lifestyle, we must be aware of the importance of moisturising the skin and protecting it from all of these factors.

We offer a range of formulas to meet the different needs and demands of the skin.  Their high concentration and combination of active agents means that users will not need to add other products to their daily beauty ritual. Packing is with nitrogen, creating an inert atmosphere that protects the active agents from easy oxidation and degradation. The volume chosen is ideal for using half the ampoule in the morning and half at night. They must always be applied to clean skin, and can be spread by gently massaging the face, neck and cleavage.


  • Their high concentration of active agents
  • Their light, fluid textures
  • Their ease of spreading and absorption
  • Oil free
  • Silicone free
  • Indicated for any age

If you are interested in our new line, do not hesitate to ask us for more information. Samples are available for testing. Do not let your customers miss out on the magic of our energetic aqueous fluids.

Range of ampoules

The series we present below are our proposals. They are can be modified to fit your needs.


Vitamin C provides the skin with elasticity, strengthening its elastin and natural collagen, and reducing expression lines and early wrinkles. Its powerful antioxidant action, together with the moisturising capacity of the proteoglycans, makes the skin shine with a uniform and radiant appearance. Helps to attenuate dark spots. Ideal for dull skin.


Ampoules to relieve dehydration. Recommended for dry skin, times of stress and changing seasons, which is when our skin tends to be more sensitive. Softer, silkier and better hydrated skin.


Fluid liquid which acts as a protective shield and detoxifier of toxic substances from pollution which penetrate into our skin. Prevents and acts against the ageing, dehydration and dark spots caused by these external factors. Recuperates the skin’s brightness. Rich in powerful antioxidants.


Purifies, reduces imperfections and detoxifies the skin, without forgetting to moisturise it. For combination and oily skin.


Combination of powerful active agents to combat the signs of ageing: sagging, loss of elasticity, and softens wrinkles. Firms and moisturises. Provides the face with firmness and brightness, attenuating the signs of fatigue.


Contains powerful anti-ageing active agents, together with the added value of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (penetrates into the deepest wrinkles) and peptides (epidermal growth factors which help to prevent ageing). Helps to gradually correct wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles from forming.


Protect, hydrate and decongest, calming skin that has suffered from irritation. Active agents with anti-inflammatory and repairing properties. Indicated for sensitive and delicate skin.


Regenerates and moisturises the skin as you sleep. Contains natural alpha hydroxy acids which carry out a gentle external exfoliation of the skin, promoting cell renewal and hydration and preventing the signs of skin ageing. Raises the skin’s energy levels during the night, achieving smooth and bright skin. Recommended for men and women, for all skin types.

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