DNA Sun: The DNA repair sunscreen

//DNA Sun: The DNA repair sunscreen
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DNA Sun: The DNA repair sunscreen

80% of skin aging is caused by sun exposure

Solar radiation has adverse and accumulative effects on skin. Damaging skin tone, contributes to collagen destruction resulting an irregular and rough skin. These signs are responsible of photo-ageing skin’s diagnosis, noted as deep wrinkles, thickened skin and age spots.

The best way of fighting against ageing is through daily prevention. An adequate protection not only helps the prevention but also reverting the existing signs.
The best sun protection for the skin

Neftis Laboratorios has developed DNASun, a sun protection line with DNA restorative agents perfect to fight against effects of photo-ageing.

Its solar protection factor has exceeded the tested expectations of SPF 30 (real 40) and SPF 50+ (real 80)* .

An ideal mixture of physical and chemicals filters allowed to obtain this results without sacrifying a pleasant texture that allows its application either in dispenser and airless.

Enzymatic DNA repairing for reverting photo-ageing

DNASun contains micro-algae with high DNA repair enzymes content: Photolyase and Phycocyanin.

  • Photolyase corrects and repairs DNA by means of splitting and restoring the Thymine-Thymine bonds. Activated by sunlight, repairs 50% of DNA damage in 30 minutes: 100 times faster than human enzymes
  • Phycocyanin is a powerful antioxidant which blocks Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS), both responsible for the inflammatory’s chain activation.

Easy application and penetration texture

These enzymes are transmitted by liposomal formulation that eases a quick fusion with cellular membrane, allowing a quick and long-acting action against photo-ageing.

Download the leaflet here.

* Tests according to International Standard ISO 24444:2010.

  • SOLAR SPF 30 / NEF557. Average Value SPF 40,9 for SPF 30
  • SOLAR SPF 50+ / NEF555. Average Value SPF 80,8
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